Dear Snow Day 2.10.10,

Although Columbia technically announced a “half snow day” on Wednesday, I had to go to 9am swim (which was unreal) and still go to my afternoon classes.  According to my professor, things like this never happened back in his day, and he pointed out that we had no excuse for not attending class or our evening discussion sections seeing as we live on campus…which is true.

So while everyone was snowball fighting and making snow angels, I went to class and tried a simple mushroom pasta recipe from East Village Kitchen, then later on simplified it even further (just a splash of cream, parmesan cheese, and browned shiitakes).  In fact, while both were delicious, I think I enjoyed the minimalist version more.

There’s no exact recipe as each person will like different ratios of cream, cheese, and mushrooms.  But the process will be the same: slice and sear the mushrooms till a nice golden brown.  set aside in a different bowl.  add cream, let bubble till brown.  add more cream to thin it out.  add the mushrooms back in along with the pasta and parmesan cheese.

I also used Pioneer Woman’s method of grating cheese.  Instead of moving the cheese across the microplane, she moves the microplane across the cheese.  MUCH easier!

If you’re new to cooking, I’d highly recommend this site as she has tons of fool-proof recipes and photographs of each step; little is left to the imagination.  Also her life is just so much fun, filled w/ cute kids, strange dogs, and hot cowboys.



  1. Joel said

    hey cindi! cool blog, was sitting here on dana’s computer and noticed your gchat status, which brought me here. haha. how long have you been working at this?
    hope all is well,

    • Hi Joel! Hahaha not long, like a week?
      I’m good…although taking 2 pe classes is kinda taking the wind out of me! Isn’t exercise supposed to give you more energy? Is that over time…or just a lie ppl tell? I hope you and Dana are doing well too :] I miss you both a lot!!

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