Dear TGIF 2.12.10,

Despite the fact that Alex did not get me Kumquat Cupcakes as requested (just kidding!  it’s not his fault; this year they’re not delivering past 100th st.), I made him a surprise gift on friday–macaroons!  I’ve always wanted to try making my own but was deterred by the fact that Westside doesn’t carry almond flour.  But while I was looking through East Village Kitchen, I discovered an adaption of David Lebovitz’s recipe, and she mentions that you can make the flour yourself.  Which I did…  I think it would have been faster to make the trip to Whole Foods because it took FOREVER to skin those things.

The first batch, I slightly overdid, the tops cracked, and my macaroons didn’t develop their “feet”.  The second batch, I made them too big (I stopped using the pastry bag because it was driving me nuts), and thus they cracked even more.  But the taste was perfect :]

Notice the take out boxes in the background?  I was so caught up in making these; I forgot to make dinner!

Seeing as these are notoriously hard to perfect,  they weren’t terrible for a first try.  I’ll try them again later this week and update this post.  Fingers-crossed for better macaroons next time!

I also picked up a book I’ve been meaning to read from Book Culture: Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant.  Although I usually don’t eat by myself, I heard very good things about this book, and it was only $6.95!  They also have Heat (one of my favorite books of all time about a NY Times writer who goes to work for Batali) for $6.95 and Sky High (which is a cake book that both the East Village Kitchen and Smitten Kitchen love) for $13.95.  I stood in the cold for a good 5 min contemplating the purchase of this book.  But ultimately I knew that since I rarely make cupcakes or cookies, I probably wouldn’t make 3 layer cakes.

All in all, today was a pretty lovely day!  Happy Valentine’s Weekend!


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  1. Lauren said

    Hello – The DL recipe is a good one, but I recently had a macaron epiphany at culinary school when my chef instructor shared his personal recipe and some great tips with me. He uses this recipe to make literally hundreds of cookies in a single batch, and I’d love to share the reduced version with you. Would you like me to send it? Please give me your email and I’ll try to get it done next week.

    Thanks for reading my blog! I used to live on the UWS too.

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