Dear My Muscular Friend,

My friend Henry is one of the healthiest people I know: he goes to the gym at least 3 times a week and eats very healthy…which why I didn’t make the salsa rosa dish I’ve been eying for several days now. I knew he’d be horrified if he knew exactly how much cream went into that dish.

Instead, Alex made the Salt & Vinegar Potato Salad recipe I saw on Katie’s Supper Club and a Turkey Cheddar Burger with Sundried  Tomato Mayo recipe from Gourmet.  Meanwhile, I was in Spanish class, doodling more than anything else.

The salad was so good (even without the bay seasoning which I totally forgot to buy), and the burger recipe was really really good for a turkey burger.  I added a “semi-fried onion ring” to the burger which was good.  I say “semi-fried” because the batter did not stick to the onion so much.  I can think of many hypotheticals for why this didn’t work — (1), I used lactaid milk instead of buttermilk and (2), I forgot to buy a candy thermometer so I guessed the oil temperature and (3), I am very afraid of hot oil.

Speaking of candy thermometers, I think I will finally go invest in a food processor (so as to be able to make easy crusts) and an ice cream machine (from ebay, once the weather gets better).  I saw a Concord Grape Sorbet recipe on Gourmet last summer, and I can’t get it out of my head.  I could make them with grapes from the farmer’s market!


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  1. Jacky said

    I don’t mind sharing your unhealthy food indulgences! me me me!

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