Dear Cold Season!,

Hello!  Usually I catch a cold at least once a semester. This semester, determined to beat the pest I got my flu shots annnnd made this “thylehogichi tea” from delicious days. Go on over to her blog!  It’s beautifullll (although the recipes are given in grams so I can never make anything she posts).

Her blog promises that it’s antiseptic, relieves throat dryness, and that really irritating tickle that makes you cough.  True to her word, the tea was a very good decongestant and pretty tasty (I think that had to do with like the 5 tablespoons of honey I used per cup)!!  I think the more descongested you are, the more ginger you should add…

Picture is via Delicious Days.  Try as I might, I could not get a picture of tea-making that looked remotely cute or interesting.

Recipe (yields 2 cups!)

2 cups water
juice of 1 lemon
6 slices of ginger
2 slices of red chili pepper
6-8 sprigs of thyme
honey to taste

-boil water.  turn heat down to very low and add all the ingredients except the honey.  steep for 10 minutes.  strain.  add honey & drink!

on a totally unrelated note, i think is always wrong.  argh.  fail fail fail.


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  1. esther choi said

    who’s blog am i on? i think this is cindi. i don’t know how i got here, seriously! help!

    but this is super cute! i will be a regular reader from now on!

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