Dear Quick Fixes…Sorta,

This week was midterms week part 1 which meant that spending more than 45 minutes on making dinner would be just stupid.  So I tried to stick to some quick and easy recipes, which these all are for the most part.  Well…except for the shrimp; it’s not that they’re difficult to make but I had to stand there and flip the shrimp, not to mention cooking them in batches.

The first thing I made this week was polenta.  I used 1/2 cup of polenta for two people.  My method of cooking polenta is to boil about half a pot of water, then whisk in the polenta.  I’ve never been able to get the no-stir polenta recipes to work without a whole mess of it sticking to the bottom.  So I stood there and whisked for about 20 minutes while I read for my 20th century American politics class.  Multi-tasking!  I topped it off with some blue cheese, a fried egg, and some pancetta!

The second is coconut fried shrimp with spicy chilli mayo from Steamy Kitchen yet again.  It wasn’t super fast but I was craving coconut shrimp (I used to get my fix from the former Swish but ever since they became Vine, they don’t have this dish).  It was so so so delicious and if Obama was my friend, I’d make it for him.  The spicy mayo was good too but I also added some blended sundried tomatoes!

The last one is from the fail-proof Gourmet magazine: oven-fried panko chicken.  This was easily the best non-roast chicken I’ve made at home and easy to boot!  You just coat the chicken (I used all breasts) in softened, seasoned butter; roll them in panko crumbs; and bake for about 30 minutes at 450 degrees.  It is so quick and super delicious!  Substituting the  butter for the egg is really brilliant because it makes the crust super light and airy like real fried chicken would be (I promise you won’t be able to tell that it’s baked because it’s sooo crunchy).

I’ll loved all three meals but the Gourmet recipe wins!  It was simple, delicious, crunchy, and super juicy.


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  1. Dana said

    omg cindi…this looks so delicious……
    and i miss you. 😛

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