Outside Eats

I always forget to bring the camera with me to the restaurants I try.  Hence this post is rife w/ images lifted from else where.  Over the past 2 weeks, I tried 4 places that I really liked — 2 on the pricey side and 2 on the cheap.

The Pricey:
1. Cafe Sabarsky: on the upper east side, would be a great place to stop and lunch (or grab dessert) in between museum hopping.  It’s a giltzy place with live piano music, a warm ambiance, and a menu famous for their austrian foods/desserts.   Their Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (chocolate cake with cream & cherries)was the best thing I ever had.  Prices range +12 for entrees and +8 for desserts.

2. Bar Modern: also situated near a museum (the MoMA), very nice modern background.  Very pleasant service, went specifically for the beignets (pictured above) which were amaziiiiing and come w/ maple ice cream, mango dip, and caramel sauce!  Also had the steak tartar which was good but slightly too dijon mustardy and overpriced.  Prices +10 for dessert; +11 for wines; +15 for appetizers; +20 for entrees.  Picture via nyc nosh.

The Cheap:

1. Land: a Thai restaurant with a $8 appetizer plus entree deal for lunch.  Yes, it’s farther than Thai Market but the appetizers are a little bit more generous and the entrees are different (and a little spicier)!  I had the drunken noodles here which were far better than the ones at both Thai Market and at Lime Leaf.

2. Recipe: from the owners of Land, this is a very American style restaurant.  They also have an appetizer + entree deal: $9.95 for an app + sandwich or $11.95 for an app + an entree.  So very much recommended; the apps are well portioned (like 2 or 3 big bites) and very well executed and the entree portions are fairly generous as well as tasty.  We had the lamb rillettes and braised beef appetizers plus the pulled pork sandwiches for the entrees; very satisfying and yummy.  Service was pretty good and the interior is nice and clean.  Image via Eating in Translation Flickr.

*Land and Recipe are right next to each other and are on 82nd&Amsterdam.



  1. lizzie said

    cindi, your blog is a wonderful read. it always entertains!

  2. haha aww thanks lizzie! hope you that chinese quiz went well 🙂

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