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Dear Breakfast Gods 2.7.10,

Popovers — Two Ways

It’s no secret that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast, and because I’m never up early enough to catch this meal, I have it for lunch and dinner on a regular basis.

Today, after being woken up bright and early at 1pm by a dad who’s snowed in over at Washington, D.C. (and super bored, I might add), I decided to make the David Lebovitz popover recipe I’ve been meaning to make for two weeks now.  If you love dessert, France, and bizarre food adventures (like truffle hunting), his blog is a must see.  It’s contending for the number 1 spot on my favorite food blogs list (right next to the Amateur Gourmet).

Popovers are essentially rolls that look like muffins but are hollow inside; apparently they’ve been around since the 1800s.  There’s a novelty cafe devoted to this little oddity over on Broadway and 86th called Popover Cafe.  My small group leader a few years ago actually took a bunch of girls here and liked it.  I stayed in Hartley saying I had a CC paper due in 3 hours (which was true) but predictably, I fell asleep instead.

The Lebovitz recipe calls for the popovers to be rolled in cinnamon sugar.  I liked it; it was like having a doughnut.  But…the popovers tasted a little too eggy.  Maybe it’s because they didn’t fully reach the popover stage?  This first batch wasn’t quite hollow inside, and I think it may be because I opened the oven so much to check on them (I used mini-muffin pans so the timing was different from the original recipe).  Note, it tasted less eggy after a few hours.

With the second batch, I decided to create a savory filling of bacon, cheddar cheese, and white button mushrooms.  This batch hollowed out nicely, and the bacon mix was delicious!  All-in-all a great breakfast and super quick (this recipe is just pour into blender, zap for a few seconds, pour into cups, and voila!)!  Now…I have to work before I get started on my superbowl feast!  Happy superbowl sunday all!


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