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Dear Peyton Manning 2.7.10,

I’ve never been into football but the foods associated with the superbowl–nachos, dips, wings and potato skins–really appeal to me.  For dinner tonight, I went a slightly healthier route: baked wings, tortilla soup, and a baked potato with sour creme and cheddar cheese.

The tortilla soup recipe is from Simply Recipes.  It’s deliciousss, gratifying in this cold weather, and pretty simple–just some onions, garlic, jalapenos, chicken broth, and a can of tomatoes.  You top it all off with some home-made tortilla chips, sour creme, cheddar, and chicken.  I did make one change to the recipe: I put the stock in first and reduced it down by 1/3.  Then I added the tomatoes and simmered it for about 1 hr. on low heat rather than the 30ish min.  It gave the soup better texture and taste.

The wings recipe from Steamy Kitchen (a really great food blog) was also super good and very simple.  The wings are just rolled in a brown sugar and spice mixture; then they bake for about 40 minutes in the oven.  They charred slightly but were still good to go.  For those looking for a crispier wings recipe, I have a really simple wings recipe: pour some flour on a plate (maybe 1 cup), season it liberally with salt and pepper (garlic powder too if you want), roll the wings in the flour mixtures, then pan-fry it until golden brown (make sure you have 0.5-1 inch of canola oil in the pan).

I creepily made Esther take a picture with me.  She told me to erase it; I decided to put it up on the world wide web.  Please still be my friend!  & thanks for the delicious lime popsicles and for coming!!


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