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Dear Steamy Kitchen,


Let me tell you about this steak topping obsession of mine, unhealthily cultivated by Steamy Kitchen (I know!  I am obsessed but how can you not be when Jaden Hair is super charismatic and has THE most adorable kids ever).

First up, a mushroom steak topping with sherry and red wine (the second recipe on the linked page).  It’s so perfect and light and looks super impressive (Alex made it for my younger sister).

Secondly, the bacon blue cheese butter topping; it’s decadent and could probably make any ol’ steak taste amazing.  But just knowing that I was spooning butter into my mouth made me feel really guilty annnnd made me wish for a side of kimchi.  Yep that’s how I grew up; when I was a kid, my mom would make us spaghetti and top it with sliced kimchi.  I actually haven’t had kimchi all year b/c now that I have a real fridge, I don’t want it stinking it up…

Oh also…don’t try to microwave the blue cheese.  Just mash it with a fork before combining with the butter.  I was very surprised when I zapped the cheese for 15 seconds, and I ended up with what looked like liquid butter with chunks of blue mold.

Tmrw I’ll be stuffing my turkey burgers with the leftover butter; actually this idea is from another recipe I made from Steamy Kitchen last year.  Gorgonzola stuffed burgers!  It was so delicious but I actually forgot about the buns in the oven so we ended up w/ buns that felt like sawdust.  At least the meat was good!

Now…back to work!  How come freshman year first semester was the only time I was ever super serious about college???!  It’s super ironic b/c usually it’s the complete reverse situation for most people…


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