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Lifted from Top Chef Masters: Susan Feniger’s Tailgaiting Tacos

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, partly due to my growing distaste for doing the dishes (and thus not cooking to avoid this) and partly due to my forgetting the password to my WordPress account.  I don’t have real pictures of the dish, only those lifted from but they’re pretty accurate representations of what it ends up looking like.

Instead of beef, I used shredded roast chicken from Westside Market as well as firm tofu for the vegetarian/vegan option.  I would highly recommend beef instead of chicken.  The entire time I was eating this, I was thinking “something is missing”…it was the taste of beef.

The recipe isn’t written out on the Bravo site but they do have a Hulu video with Kevin from last season’s Top Chef making the dish….which apparently I can’t embed.  Carla would have been so much more fun to watch in these instructional videos…


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